The Current Crisis:

Child Mortality

Sadly for too many Congolese children, a full stomach and good health is something that is currently out of reach for them.

According the United Nations Statistics, children die faster in the Congo than in all but 10 other countries in the world.  If conditions remain unchanged in this country, 515 out of 1,000 will die before turning five. In developed nations, such as the United States, the comparable static is 6 deaths for every 1,000.

Food, Water and Shelter

As the rains come, one can hear the melodic of rain drops off of the tin roofs of village homes. In reality, these homes are no more than mere shanties. Door ways to homes  have no real doors, and common bathrooms are no more than four walls and a mud floor surrounding a hole in the ground.

Fresh water is non existent or unaffordable to most- it does not run freely in the living quarters. Electrical systems for the few who have them consist of an extension cord plugged into a generator threaded from the outside through a hole in the roof, then over a ceiling beam.  This contraption barely provides enough energy  for one light bulb let alone a cooking source.