Educational Program

Empowering Humanity One by One, Inc is dedicated to educating the Congolese population and believes that empowerment begins with knowledge. Our educational program is a year round service offered to each of the mothers currently enrolled in our services for their families.

Empowering Humanity One by One Families are selected carefully by in-country staff who take into consideration those in most need of medical and nutritional assistance.

During our annual educational seminars mothers are provided with a curriculum rich in the instruction of nutritional values in meal preparation and safety in food handling. The curriculum also includes an informational seminar on common medical emergencies in DRC such as signs and symptoms of food/waterborne illnesses, Malaria, Pneumococcus, Haemophilus influenza, Cholera, and Shigella Dysentery (which is responsible for 15% of deaths from diarrhoea in children according to current WHO statistics).